Restoration of Stalls de Saint-Claude's cathedral- 15th century

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Stalls of Saint-Claude Restoration - Historical Monuments

About the project

The Stalls of Saint-Claude is a cathedral you can find in Jura (France).
The scupture were made in the middle of the 15th century by Genevois Jehan de Vitry (wood carver).
In 1983, a big fire destroyed all the stalles of the south area.
All replicas from the 15th century have been burned.

What we did on this project

We've been mandated with Fancelli Company by the Monuments Historiques (French public entity in charge of the care and restoration of most important publicly owned estates) to restore the site.
This restoration needed a lot of research in archives.
The project was directly directed by Monuments Historiques' team of historians, which implied using only original techniques.
This restoration lasted 5 years.
We had to restore several dozen of wood panels.
To keep in memory this tragical event, some burned pieces remained intact.