Cartel of Cressent - 18th century

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cartel of cressent

About the piece

"Time triomphant from love" (Attributed to Charles Cressent).
Even if it was forbidden for a cabinetmaker to produce gold bronze works, Cressent did it.
By creating cartels, Cressent became very succesful. Four models of cartels are recognized nowadays.
This cartel was created between 1740 and 1745.
It was exposed at the Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris (France) and is owned by a private collector.

What we did on this piece

The rod of rush on the right side on the cartel was missing.
Like for all restorations, we had to make research to study how to create the missing branch.
We mainly worked from original pictures.
Creating the perfect branch from that information required a lot of expertise.
We created a clay mold to have the good proportions and motion.
When the branch was finished, it was given to the bronzemaker.

Charles CRESSENT (1685–1768)

Charles CRESSENT was a French furniture-maker, sculptor and fondeur-ciseleur of the régence style.
As the second son of François Cressent, sculpteur du roi, and grandson of Charles Cressent, a furniture-maker of Amiens, who also became a sculptor, he inherited the tastes and aptitudes which were likely to make a finished designer and craftsman.
Even more important perhaps was the fact that he was a pupil of André Charles Boulle.
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